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Music Concert


This is the largest international music festival in Ukraine
Касета для дискотеки
20 століття мюзік фест
Логотип Фестиваль 90х

About concert

More than 25,000 fans came to the festival to enjoy the music of the 90-x legends.
For example, Jenny from ACE OF BASE, EAST 17, !SNAP
Jenny from Ace of BaseSnap!East 17

Main task

Develop a site for selling tickets to a festival in Odessa.
Сайт для музичного фестивалюЛендінг для концертуСайт для фестивалю 90х

Responsive layout

The site has been adapted for all extensions, from phones to tablets and computers.
Лендінг 20th Century Music Fest
Адаптивний дизайн для сайту події


We implemented a turnkey site in the style of disco 90s to warm up the target audience to buy tickets for a concert where their star legends of youth will perform.
20th Century Music Fest

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